Sunday, June 27, 2010

Everything turns to callous eventually, that's life.

I like my new job. I really do. Granted, it has me running all around Virginia and sometimes North Carolina allllllllllllll the time, I enjoy it. I enjoy driving and basically "running errands" for people. Or our customers, rather. It keeps me busy during the week. I like that.

I am also passing. There has been no question about my sex since I have started there. The first day I was "the new guy," to everyone. And I am treated like a man. I love it. It is the first time that has ever happened without question. However, there is a big lesbian that works at one of the places we go to frequently. I had to take over some specimens to her one night and she turned and looked at me like she was confused and couldn't figure out what I was exactly. I didn't like that. I knew she would be that way every time I had to bring the specimens to her and she has. She goes out of her way to like look at me so she can figure out what I am. I really want to get shitty with her and tell her to go the fuck on. I can't be outed at this job because if I am, I will have to leave. I have gotten too close to the men that I work with as a man, that them finding out I am female bodied would just ruin everything. Sigh. Whyyy do things have to be difficult?

Other then that, everyone I have met at this job has been really nice. Really wonderful about helping me learn. I will be making great money, which I am excited about. And I really everywhere. There sin't much else that I do. Talk about a dream job, since I love to drive lol.

I had other things to talk about but forgot them because I just woke up lol. I shall update soon.

Until next time.

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