Thursday, May 27, 2010

Have you ever wondered? continued

It seems as thought we want what we can't have. Like that lyric, "It's your typical thing, you got yin you want yang, it just goes on and on. They say its only human to never be satisfied." I am just wondering if maybe the girl didn't want to get rid of the man because she wanted him around. Maybe she wanted the player and the man around because they both had something she wanted. Humans are never satisfied and everything is never enough. So maybe that is what it is?

But the player is an understanding man. He made sure the girl knew that no matter what, he would be there for her and understand what ever she needed. You see, all the years in the game, the player learned how to be anything he needed to be. He learned how to feel, how to stop feeling, how to understand. Everything he learned from being a player, helped him later on in his life and his relationships. When he realized that the girl wasn't a game, he learned how to love unconditionally. He learned how to put another persons feelings before his own. Not a lot of people can do that or can say they know how to do that. He wasn't selfish. Maybe selfish for her, but that isn't something he could do anything about.

While the player coped alone and taught himself how to deal with her being just his friend, he lost a piece of his sanity. He found he would be thinking so much that he could come up with reasons why he hated her. That was as untrue as the grass was blue. The only thing at that point that would make everything better in his life was to get over her.

And so he did.

Although that seems hard to believe, it is what he had to do. Learning how to do anything he needed to came in handy. He taught himself to let go. He had never let go of anyone that had meant that much to him. But really, no one had ever meant that much to him. He decided that it would be better to have the girl in his life as a friend instead of losing her forever. He couldn't risk that.

The player only allows the girl to exist, romantically, in his mind. He humors himself at the thought. He hopes one day she would change her mind. But he also knows that it wouldn't matter if she changed her mind at this point. The player realized that in life, you sometimes have to forget what you want and remember what you deserve.

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